Harry Lotus

Harry Lotus was an experimental jazz combo based in Boise, Idaho during the late nineties. The band played with tribal sounds, spoken word, traditional jazz,  other genres, polyrhythms and harmonies and sometimes noise.


The combo played at many venues including The Abbey, The Kulture Klatsch, The Blues Bouquet, and Flying M Coffee House. The band also played private events and festivals.


Personnel: Tim Guille (guitar), Ejric Bernhardt (tenor sax), Cody Ramey (bass), Tameca L Coleman (voice)


*photography credit: Craig Clark (CC Photography, Boise)


To my knowledge, there is currently one very rusty recording from an old gig we did at a place called The Abbey in Boise, Idaho which was recorded by Jeff Buttars. The track was also put onto a compiliation for a dear friend's zine Equilibrium (also Boise-based/ Editor: Amy Garrett).


Here is a link for that rusty track if you care to listen to it. 


There may be more artifacts from this band. I am not yet sure. When/if I find them, I will make places on the net for them and links.


archive: http://sireneatspoetry.weebly.com/harry-lotus.html