I have worked with many musical projects over the years and I have studied, performed and recorded across genres. I have had experiences singing opera, jazz, folk, funk, blues, tribal (aboriginal, Indian, Native American, and African musics), progressive rock, punk/ska, hip hop, gospel, ambient, avant garde and many others. 


I have a deep interest in sound healing. I work a lot with mantra, have a bit of knowledge about Kirtan and even vibration on the scientific level. I am interested in and continue to study the healing power of all of these things. I also aim to incorporate movement into my work, as the music happens fully in the body, or can, or should.


I look for the innovators and am always growing, always listening to new sounds and always learning how to better improve my own instrument and skillset while expanding the possibilities in which I can contribute in song.  


Selected List of Recordings,

Projects, and Collaborations

List of Projects Here....

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Transmit Regardless

Second Sound

Harry Lotus

La Luna Obscura



Los Mosquitones

Cohen & Denton

Akobi Sol