Second Sound

Second Sound was a Boulder/Denver based jazz-fusion band led by Eric Schneider (trumpet) that played between 2003/5 at places such as Jazz at Jacks, The Grand Junction Wine Festival, Herb's Hideout, Dazzle, La Rumba, Herman's Hideaway, Nissis, and other festivals, venues and private events. 


The band had produced quite a bit of original material with songs written and arranged by Schneider, as well as tunes composed/cowritten by other members of the band, including myself. 


While we had our own grip of tunes, we also covered tunes by The Brand New Heavies, Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder, just to name a few.


Personnel: Eric Schneider, Ronneka Cox, Kurt Morehead, Christian Teele, Kevin Barry, Tameca L Coleman, and others.




While I was the frontwoman of this band, I cowrote quite a few of the songs and contributed lyrics and melodies. The following are tunes that we got recorded (some of them never made it past rehearsals/performances): 


Word (Morehead/ Coleman)  

Two-Step Dancing (Cox/ Schneider/ Coleman)

Enlarge Your View (Schneider/ Coleman)

Oh, Mama (Coleman/ Schneider)


Along with the tunes mentioned above, I performed and recorded the following tunes with the band: 


Lost in the Sound (Schneider)

Vivid Indecision (Schneider)

Spinnin' Around (Schneider)